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Zero Carbon Lindisfarne
Starting in 2010, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne Community Development Trust developed a 'local carbon framework' for Holy Island. As one of only nine pilot programmes in the whole of the UK, the project sought to explore how national policy objectives for responding to climate change might be taken forward in a bottom-up, community-led manner.
A survey undertaken by the University of Newcastle found that the overwhelming majority of residents would like to see Holy Island becoming substantially self-supporting in terms of the energy that it uses. The Trust's consultants then worked with local volunteers to develop a 'roadmap' for taking the island towards a position of carbon neutrality, helping us to make informed decisions about the island's low energy future.
Following publication of our Local Carbon Framework, we were successful in attracting a further £49,850 to allow some fantastic progress to be made towards reducing the island's carbon footprint. This money was awarded under the Department of Energy and Climate Change's Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) for work in spring 2012.
One important outcome of this work has been the establishment of Zero Carbon Lindisfarne as a stand alone Industrial Provident Society (IPS). It is envisaged that future work could be developed through this co-operative.
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